Sine Pari (pronounced "see nay par ee") is a Latin phrase that translates in English to, "without equal". 

We are a leading global strategic advisory and expert consulting firm that provides adept guidance across a variety of diverse industry sectors.

​Our clients have unquestioned confidence in our independent thinking and ability to find effective and creative approaches to their most complex, amorphous problems. They benefit from SPI’s intellectual rigor, industry expertise, and track record in navigating dynamic business environments. We have the resources and the ability to assemble teams with the specific, particular talents needed to address the most complicated challenges or problems our clients may face and provide highly specialized and strategic advice.

Our company is comprised of only the highest credentialed experts, most experienced business leaders, and seasoned consultants that combine intellectual precision with practical, real-world experience and a comprehensive understanding of varied industries and markets spanning many of the major sectors of our economy.

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